[ENERBOOSTER] Revitalizing White Cream Toner 200ml

[ENERBOOSTER] Revitalizing White Cream Toner 200ml

[ENERBOOSTER] Warm Up & Relax Cream 80ml

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[ENERBOOSTER] Warm Up & Relax Cream


Enerbooster gives warm-up effect before exercise to boost up your body condition, Dimethyl sulfone and acetylglucosamine quickly helps to loosen your strained body after exercise.
Also the CoAXEL. PH which is patented ingredient gives body slimming effect to make your body lines beautiful.

How to use
Apply moderate amount of product on your shoulder, back, wrist, ankle, knee etc(except senstitive parts such as face or wounded parts) and massage gently.
When you use this product initially, start with small amount and if you feel it's not effective, please increase the amount gradually.
And wash your hand after use.

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